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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning:

I hope you guys are all doing well and that each and every one of you are staying safe, washing those hands, and staying busy learning, hanging out with family, and……. WAIT, did I just say learning?!?!?!?!? YES!!! Even though we can not be together in person, I have gone to great links to provide you guys with other opportunities to continue learning and sharpening your skills. Shortly after the schools were closed, I posted a multitude of assignments for you guys to be completing in Google classroom. I want you all to continue to spend valuable time with family and outside playing, but I also want to make sure that your brains are still being challenged EACH day. Try setting up a schedule to spend just 30 mins on each core subject each day. That is less than 2 ½ hours a day. You can do it!! Here on some things I have posted for you guys for the subjects that I teach. I know Mrs. Spencer has posted some really great things too. 


  1. Google Slides activities in Google classroom
    • Skills: Geometry, place value, multiplication, division, and fractions
  2. A flip grid link has been posted so that you can leave me a video telling me all about the school connections you are making while at home. 
  3. I have posted several new assignments in your iready accounts. You sign into this just like you do at school to take the diagnostic tests. DO NOT WORRY, what I posted is NOT a TEST!!! I promise. 
  4. I posted a Moby Max competition that started yesterday. All of my and Mrs. Spencer’s students have been added to it. You earn points daily. I will be checking daily, awarding game time, badges, and more!! There is even a leader board. I wonder who will be at the top??? This goes for ALL subjects in Moby Max, not just math. 

Social Studies: 

  1. I went back in a reposted all of our units in SS. I also posted all of the documents, resources and essential questions. Read through one PPT a day and try and write a paragraph answering the essential questions from each unit. If you would like to share them with me. Simply sign into your Google account and start a new Google doc. Type the question and answer in complete sentences providing evidence to support the claim and then share that document with me using the email address At that point it will work the same as when you share your writing with Mrs. Spencer in Reading. I can read it and give you feedback from there. I really hope to start seeing some of your writing, I can’t wait to hear from you guys. 


  1. I have gone in and posted several topics on Google Classroom. Choose a topic or work through all the topics just have fun. I tried to include things that would not put you to sleep. :)

Finally, remember that you can email me through your Google account. You go in the same way you check your quiz scores, click new, type in and then start the email. If you have a question for me or something you want me to see this is another way for you to get in contact with me for school needs.


Parents may contact me at


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