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Covid- 19 Distance Learning

Hello parents, 

I am super sad that we will not be able to finish this school year together in the classroom. I know I talked to most of you, but wanted to email you a little more about the bonus opportunity. 

During these final four weeks, students will have the opportunity to earn 100 bonus points to go towards the 4 core subjects (math, reading, science, and social studies) by completing work assigned by myself and Mrs. McNair. These assignments will be on skills already learned and can be completed with very little to no assistance. Each lesson should take no more than 30 minutes but may take longer. I would suggest spending no more than an hour at a time on school work and allowing several breaks within that hour to stretch, drink water, etc. 

Assignments will be available starting each Monday and will be due on Friday in order to receive the points for that week. 

Student assignments will look like this: 

  • Reading - 3 iReady lessons a week (1 on comprehension, 1 on vocabulary, and 1 on phonics) 

  • Math - 2 iReady lessons a week 

  • Science - Each week, students will watch a video and complete a quiz. 

  • Social Studies - Each week, students will read an article and complete a quiz.


In order to get the full 100 bonus points, lessons must be completed with high accuracy. Each week, students will earn 50 points for completeness and 50 points for accuracy. For accuracy, after all 4 weeks have been completed, I will average the grades for all the assignments in each subject. Students will receive points based on their average as follows: 


● 12 points for an average of 0-25 

● 25 points for an average of 26-50 

● 38 points for an average of 51-75 

● 50 points for an average of 76-100 

The link to iReady is on my teacher page and google classroom along with instructions on how to use it and login. The assignments for science and social studies are also available on Mrs. McNair’s teacher page or google classroom. I will be checking assignments regularly each week.


I am available anytime, but will commit to answering emails from 12:00 - 3:00, Monday - Friday. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions! My email is and Mrs. McNairs email is I will be sending out information at least once a week through email and our school's messaging system. 


Thank you for all that you are doing to help your child! I cannot wait until we can see each other again! Stay well and stay safe.

Below is Instructions on joining our google classroom. You will be able to see assignments posted by week here: