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One to One

Central Elementary is now a one to one chromebook environment, thanks to the CARES Act. The purpose of the CARES Act is to put chromebooks in the hands of each an every child in Louisiana. This means every student and teacher has been assigned a chromebook to use daily. Students have been using chromebooks in the classroom setting for years now. The only difference is that now they have their own chromebook assigned to them only. They will not share germs with other students, and will take the chromebook home nightly. Also, in the event of an absense, quarantine situation, or even a Phase One situation, we are prepared to continue schooling through the use of these chromebooks. 

As stated in the chromebook contract: 

  • Students should take home chromebooks nightly. 
  • Students are responsible for charging chromebooks nightly. 
  • Insurance is available (and optional but recommended). 
  • A list of common repairs and cost of those repairs can be found on the contract. This makes the $10 per semester insurance a no brainer. 
  • Only those whose parents refuse the contract will be allowed to keep their chromebook at school to charge.