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Acquiring Technology for Home Use

Central VIP students will have chromebooks (and possibly hotspots) available for those who do not have access to a device or reliable Internet at home.


  • Chromebooks have already been distributed to Central VIP students. If you missed your appointment, you MUST come by the school on Friday, September 4. VIP instruction begins Tuesday, September 8. 


  • Parents will be required to fill out a hotspot request Google form, and availability will be limited. Click HERE to request a Hotspot.
  • OPSB hotspots will ONLY connect to an OPSB device (chromebook). Personal devices will be disabled from connecting. 
  • You must have already checked out an OPSB chromebook in order to apply for a hotspot. 
  • The first shipment of hotspots have already been distributed. If you didn’t receive one, make sure you’ve filled out the google form (linked above). The next shipment of hotspots is expected to be in October, but availability will still be limited.
  • If you need emergency Internet access before then, there are two locations in our district with parking lot WiFi, Woodlawn Elementary or West Ouachita High School. You may also use your local public library branch for WiFi. 
  • Attendance for all VIP students begins Tuesday, September 8.