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Mrs. Cammack

Welcome to Mrs. Cammack’s Class

Parents and Students:

For the remaining weeks of school, we will be offering a chance for your child to get a bonus grade to pull up their average in each subject. Lessons will be posted online for each subject each week. If the student does the lessons each week, they will get the bonus grade. However, if they don’t do the lessons, their grade for the year will be the average of the first three nine weeks they were at school. The bonus grade can only help them. It will not count against them.  The reading and math lessons will be on i-ready.  I added instructions on how to get into i-ready.  The link to i-ready is also on the educational website link.   I will be contacting you in some way each week to see how your student is doing. Check my teacher page each Monday to find the lessons for the week. For math, science, and social studies, email Mrs. Lawson at  Email me any time with your questions.

I will be available Monday throught Friday from 12-3 to answer any questions via email.  I will still check email outside of those hours, but that’s when I will be actively working on school work and will be consistently checking email.

Stay safe and well during this crazy time!  Felix misses all the kids!!!  




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