French, Martha

Earth Science

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Martha French
Room 203

 WEEK OF February 12-16

SpellingHW: Mon. Write words 2x's each
Tues-Thurs Write words 2x's each, Tues. Complete worksheet, Wed. 2x's each/2 sentences, Thurs. ABC order
EnglishHW:  Mon. pg.91  Tues. pg.92  Wed. pg.93  Thurs. pg. 95/95  Fri.  test
MathHW: Mon. pgs.314-316 odd Tues. Investigation 5  pgs.317-324    Wed. pgs. 317-324 Investigation 5 cont. Thurs. pgs.329-331   even Fri. pgs.336-338 completed in class 

ReadingHW: Mon. pg.181 Tues.182 Wed. pg. 185 Thurs. pg.186 Fri. Test